Resources, Forms, and Links

National Flood Insurance Program

NFIP Community Participation Resources

NFIP Application

Results of Poor Ordinance Enforcement

Sanctions for Non-Participation

Resolution of Intent to Join the NFIP

Example Development Permit

Model Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance (Riverine)

Model Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance (Coastal)


Community Rating System Program (CRS) Resources

AL CRS Toolkit Zip File – To get started using the Alabama CRS Toolkit, first navigate to the zip file labeled “CRS Alabama Toolkit. Double click on the file to open. Begin with the folder labeled ‘AL CRS Toolkit-Part 1’ folder and read the Word document. Once Part 1 is complete proceed to the folder labeled ‘AL CRS Toolkit-Part 2’ to complete your community assessment. See the AL CRS Toolkit Templates & Docs folder for pre-made templates for specific activities.

Alabama CRS Workshop_September 2014

AL State Profile

CRS Users Groups – Information

Uniform Minimum Credit AL

CRS Handout

Fact Sheet – Community Rating System

Changes to the CRS System 2013-03

CRS Local Officials Guide Brochure


Homeowner’s Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014 Fact Sheets

Public Law 113-89 – H.R. 3370 – Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014

Congressional Summary of H.R. 3370

Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act Overview (FEMA)

ASFPM Analysis of the Homeowners Flood Insurance Affordability Act

Flood Insurance Premium Refunds Who Gets Them Who Does Not (FEMA)

How April 2015 Program Changes Will Affect Flood Insurance Premiums (FEMA)

FEMA Presentation – Changes to the NFIP – What to Expect – Impact of changes from HFIAA 2014


NFIP Flood Insurance Guidance Fact Sheets

NFIP Grandfather Rules – Options and Examples

NFIP Grandfathering Rules – Saving on Flood Insurance

Preferred Risk Policy Eligibility Extension – Frequently Asked Questions

NFIP Flood Insurance Premium Comparisons

NFIP Increased Cost of Copliance Talking Points

NFIP Resources – Websites for Data, Statistics, Best Practices and Guidelines

NFIP Summary of Coverage for Commercial Property

NFIP Summary of Coverage Overview

Top Ten Facts about the NFIP for Consumers

Options for Rebuilding in an AE Zone after a Disaster

Options for Rebuilding in a VE Zone after a Disaster


AAFM Conference Presentations

Alabama Post-Flood Recovery Guidebook

Alabama%u2019s Flood Risk Information System

ASFPM Foundation – Sustainable Floodplain Management Policy

Big Creek Drainage Study

Changes to the National Flood Insurance Program – What to Expect

Community Rating System

Culvert Analysis with HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS

FEMA Elevation Certificates – Opening and Venting Requirements

Hazard Mitigation Assistance

How Flood Vents and Mitigation Efforts Can Lower Flood Premiums

Innovated Uses of Existing Coastal Hazard Data for Detailed Risk And Resiliency Evaluations

LiDAR – Derivatives and Applications

NFIP Requirements for Manufactured Housing

Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding Impacts Viewer

The Other Music City Miracle

The Year in Flooding

U. S. Geological Survey Streamgaging Program

Where Do Flows Come From

The New FEMA Map Service Center


Risk MAP

Risk MAP links and documents

Alabama Flood Map

Risk MAP tutorial videos​

State of Alabama Business Plan 2017

State of Alabama Business Plan 2016

State of Alabama Business Plan 2015

Changes Since Last Map

Criteria for Accrediting Levee

Expanded Appeals Process

Flood Risk Products

Hazus Know Your Risk

Hazus Support Mitigation Planning

Multi Frequency Depth Grids

Risk MAP and NFIP

Understanding Preliminary Flood Maps

Why We Map Flood Risks


Risk MAP Forms

Data Sharing and Distribution Agreement

Flood Mapping Needs Survey

Data Inventory


Coastal Mapping Update

BALDWIN Fact Sheet

BALDWIN Fact Sheet_Development

BALDWIN Fact Sheet_Lending, Insurance, Realty

MOBILE Fact Sheet

MOBILE Fact Sheet_Development

MOBILE Fact Sheet_Lending, Insurance, Realty


FEMA Pamphlets

GIS in Map Modernization

The Flood Insurance Industry and Map Modernization

Homeowners FAQ

Region IV Coastal Analysis and Mapping Fact Sheet



FEMA Emergency Management Institute


Links to Other Agencies

FEMA National Flood Insurance Program

Association of State Floodplain Managers

FEMA Flood Smart

NFIP Community Status Book

FEMA Map Service Center

Alabama Emergency Management Agency

NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Coastal Barrier Resources Act (CoBRA)

National Geodetic Survey