ADECA Support Sections

Communications and External Affairs

The Communications and External Affairs (CEA) section serves as the public information and public relations arm of ADECA. It is the principal contact for the news media, and the division prepares and distributes news releases about grants and other ADECA activities.

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The Audit Section provides additional checks and balances for the hundreds of grants issued annually by ADECA’s divisions. Along with monitoring conducted by individual program staff, ADECA’s auditors help ensure that all funds are used for the purpose intended. The Audit Section holds several training programs each year and meets with grant recipients and recipient auditors to ensure financial regulations and requirements are met and present and future funding is not jeopardized.

Financial Services

The Financial Services Section keeps close tabs on the millions of dollars of taxpayer money and public property entrusted to ADECA. Accounting, budget preparation, purchasing, payroll and property management are the key functions of the section. The section monitors all financial transactions and maintains careful records to ensure compliance with federal and state laws and ADECA policies.

Human Resources

ADECA relies strongly on capable and knowledgeable employees, and the Human Resources Section is at the forefront of ensuring the department’s human resource needs are met. Working with ADECA divisions, the section reviews, develops, and ensures that the appropriate job specifications and skill requirements are met by coordinating with the Alabama State Personnel Department.  In addition to hiring new staff, the section also coordinates other human resource transactions such as interagency transfers and promotions that help ensure ADECA employees who provide outstanding service and performance are duly recognized. Supervisors and employees rely heavily on the section for guidance regarding benefits and other human resource programs.

Employment: Hiring at ADECA is completed through the State Personnel Department and the state merit system. Please visit the State Personnel website for information about positions within state government as well as information about the application and hiring process.

Information Technology

Information Services (IS) may work deep in the background, but without its services ADECA could not function. IS is responsible for maintaining the computer and telecommunications equipment and networking essential to operation of a modern office. IS provides technical support required to develop and maintain ADECA’s Internet presence ensuring that the public has online access to current information about ADECA programs and operations.


ADECA’s Legal Section provides legal guidance and advice to all areas of the Department. This includes reviewing and advising on all contracts, grants, and other legal documents; assisting with policy writing; tracking and reviewing existing and proposed legislation at the federal and state level to determine potential impacts to ADECA programs; and providing assistance on all other legal matters on an as-needed basis. The attorneys are designated as Assistant Attorneys General and represent ADECA in litigation and appear on behalf of the Department at judicial, administrative, and legislative hearings.