Drought Planning and Management


Alabama’s drought planning and management process is outlined under the Alabama Drought Planning and Response Act which provides for the close coordination of information and activities between federal, state, and local agencies, organizations, as well as water managers and users in responding to impacts caused by drought conditions. The information collected is used to support development of both the Alabama Drought Declaration and the Alabama portion of the weekly US Drought Monitor map. See the links below for more detailed information.


Alabama Drought Planning and Response Act

The Alabama Drought Planning and Response Act (Code of Ala. 1975, §§9-10C-1 et seq.) became law on April 9, 2014. The Act formally establishes state government’s role in planning, monitoring, and responding to severely dry conditions.

The law replaces a previously issued executive order, establishes the Alabama Drought ​Assessment and Planning Team (ADAPT), and defines permanent roles for OWR and other state agencies by:

  • Codifying the current organizational structure including the ADAPT to advise the Governor on state activities related to droughts, and the Monitoring and Impact Group (MIG) as an ADAPT subcommittee to develop technical assessments of drought conditions and impacts.
      • The ADAPT advises the Governor and OWR about state activities related to droughts with information developed by the Monitoring and Impact Group that collects and analyzes stream-flow levels, rainfall, soil moisture and other drought-related data.  The ADAPT is made up of representatives from various state and federal agencies and appointees as outlined in the Alabama Drought Planning Organizational Structure section below.
  • Codifying the charge given to OWR to develop and maintain a state drought plan and issue Drought Declarations.
  • Clarifying the role of the Alabama State Climatologist.
  • Reaffirming the Governor’s role in responding to drought related events; and
  • Ensuring that adequate information concerning the supply and demand of water is available for the assessment of conditions.
To access a copy of the Act, click here.​ The text is located in the Code of Alabama at Title 9, Chapter 10C.
To access a copy of the ADECA regulations promulgated in support of the Act, click here.​ The text is located at Chapter 305-7-13.


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