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On April 26, 2017, Governor Kay Ivey issued Executive Order 704. This order rescinded Executive Orders 9 and 42 and established the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs as the agency to assume all powers, duties, responsibilities, authority, and obligations belonging to the Office of Broadband Development.

Executive Order 704


Alabama Broadband Accessibility Fund

On March 28, 2018, Governor Kay Ivey signed the Alabama Broadband Accessibility Act. Because the availability of high-speed broadband services in unserved rural Alabama is important for economic development, education, health care, and emergency services, the Alabama Broadband Accessibility Act established the Alabama Broadband Accessibility Fund. On May 30, 2019, Governor Ivey signed Act #2019-327 which provided numerous amendments to the original Act.

Alabama Broadband Accessibility Act


Connect Alabama Act

On May 17, 2021, Governor Kay Ivey signed the Connect Alabama Act. The Act created three entities: 1) the Alabama Digital Expansion Authority to advise, review, and approve the statewide connectivity plan, among numerous other duties; 2) the Alabama Digital Expansion Division of ADECA to develop and begin executing a statewide connectivity plan, among other duties; and 3) the Alabama Digital Expansion Finance Corporation to administer the Connect Alabama Fund, among other duties. Review the full act here: Connect Alabama Act



ADECA will soon be running the BEAD Challenge Process, which is designed to ensure that ADECA has accurate information about all broadband serviceable locations in the state (e.g., homes, businesses). The Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) National Broadband Map will be used to determine which locations and community anchor institutions within each jurisdiction are eligible for BEAD funding.

In order to participate in the Challenge Process, communities will need access to protected mapping data. A free license agreement with CostQuest is needed to access this data.

Please see CostQuest’s Frequently Asked Questions for more information or contact CostQuest directly if you have any questions about the process for obtaining a license by emailing

We are pleased to announce the Alabama Broadband Map update is now available.  Please visit to view the map.

Help our broadband planning efforts by taking this internet speed survey. This information helps us locate gaps in broadband service. Your address will not be made public; the information is used solely for planning efforts.


ADECA has implemented a challenge process for internet service providers and government entities to challenge the data on the Alabama Broadband Map.

Alabama Broadband Map Bulk Challenge Process Guidelines

Alabama Broadband Map Challenge Submission Form



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