Update Certifications and Reminders

Update Certifications

Per eligibility guidelines established by the federal government, donee records must be updated on a regular basis.

  • Public Agencies every three years
  • Quasi-Public Agencies, Nonprofit Organizations, Service Educational Activities and Veterans Organizations every year

You will be contacted by the Alabama Surplus Property Program when update certification is due.

Alabama Surplus Property Program Update Certification



When you obtain items from ADECA’s Surplus Property Division and sign your distribution document (invoice), you are agreeing to the following:

  • To use the items only in your official program (Section A. 2.)
  • To put the items to use within one year and use it for at least one year (Section B. 1.)
  • To use certain items for 18 months or longer (Section C. 2.)
  • That you would not sell, loan or trade the property or tear it down for parts without prior permission from the Surplus Property Division (Section D. 1.)
  • To pay the U.S. government if you did not use the property according to your agreement (Section D. 2.)



  1. Surplus property must be used in an authorized program.
  2. Personal use or non-use of surplus property is not allowed.
  3. Permission must be obtained before selling, trading or dismantling surplus property.
  4. Read the back of your distribution document; understand your obligation.