Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor Training Program

The grant enables the state Office of Prosecution Services to provide local prosecutors and law enforcement with the proper training and technical assistance to obtain convictions in traffic stops and crash-related cases involving impaired drivers. In addition to providing training and expertise for the state’s 42 elected district attorneys, the program is intended to be used to develop strategies and methods to reduce impaired driving. For more information please see


Drug Recognition Expert Training Program

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency coordinates the state’s drug recognition expert program. Officers trained as drug experts can recognize motorists who are under the influence of prescribed medications or illegal drugs. Drug recognition training involves knowing when a motorist is driving under the influence of drugs and learning how to differentiate between drug substances and alcohol. Training also helps officers determine if an erratic motorist who has been stopped or is in a crash is suffering from a mental disorder or a medical condition. The state coordinator also holds SFST and ARIDE training courses. For more information on classes please contact