Click It or Ticket

The NHTSA supported “Click It or Ticket” campaign takes place around Memorial Day each year.

This nationwide mobilization focuses paid media and law enforcement on the awareness and enforcement of the state’s seat belt laws. This includes adult seat belt as well as child occupant protection enforcement.

Statistics show that the proper usage of seat belts and child restraints help prevent serious injury and/or death during a traffic crash.

Alabama maintains a seat belt usage rate above 90%. This shows the vast majority are making the easiest, and logical, decision to use their seat belt.

There are many factors one may choose to not wear their seat belt. The best reasons to change your mind about not buckling up, is to show you the numbers.

  • In 2019, 58% of motor-vehicle occupant fatalities chose to not wear their seat belts. Remember, Alabama’s seat belt usage rate is over 90%.  More than half of all fatalities are from this small population.  Anyone who makes the better decision to buckle-up will have something to live for.
  • Deciding to not wear your seat belt is directly correlated to other risk-taking behaviors. Those who do not where their set belt are also 7.5 times more likely to be involved in an Alcohol or Drug related crash.
  • Since 2015, Children depend on their drivers to properly restrain them into their car seats. 74% of motor-vehicle occupant fatalities, 5 and under, were either not restrained or not properly restrained.  These children are putting their lives in the hands of their drivers.