Selective Traffic Enforcement Program

Image by Diego Fabian Parra Pabon from Pixabay

The Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) funding is utilized by state and local agencies to conduct an array of traffic enforcement efforts.

Supported by NHTSA Section 402 funding, officers conduct enforcement details to address traffic safety concerns such as speed, occupant protection, pedestrian safety, and impaired driving. These agencies receive awards to provide traffic enforcement efforts that are in addition to the regularly scheduled patrols that normally take place.

These law enforcement efforts are data driven which allows them the greatest degree of success.

These mobilizations primarily utilize saturation patrols, line patrols and checkpoints to achieve the goals of reducing the number of fatal and serious injury crashes that occur in the state. Alabama’s enforcement campaign directly targets where speed and impaired driving crashes historically occur.

More than 150 different law enforcement agencies across the state are given prime locations to monitor for these dangerous drivers. Many are found close to establishments where you can find such behavior. Other locations are found on commuting “shortcuts” where you may be more tempted to beat the typical commute.