State-Funded Programs


Each year, the Alabama Legislature appropriates funds for individual organizations, local governments, nonprofits, and for other causes.

Some of these grants go back many years and while others may be for a single year or single event.

ADECA awards these grants to respective entities via a grant agreement, approves payment requests, and closes the grants once the funds are expended. Some examples of these grants are as follows:


Healthy Food Financing

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The Healthy Food Financing Program was approved in 2015 by the Alabama Legislature with the intent of ensuring that healthy foods at affordable prices are available to Alabamians. The grants are designed to help businesses and non-profit organizations with projects that can supply fresh fruits, vegetables and other grocery items to neighborhoods and communities with limited access to grocery stores.

ADECA awards projects annually based on competition to food banks, food pantries, farmers markets, schools, and grocery stores.

2022-23 Healthy Food Financing Funded List

Healthy Food Financing Program – PY2022 Policies and Procedures, and Grant Application Form

Interactive Map:


2020 Census Grants

2020 Census Grants – To increase 2020 census participation, ADECA awarded 32 census grants based on a statewide competition to cities, counties, nonprofits, colleges and, other organizations. Subsequently, $1,500 grant was provided to each of the 32 counties that had low census participation, and Census Bowl for School Program grants were provided to eight additional counties for achieving success in increasing their census participation rates.

Census Bowl


Regional Planning Commission Grants

These grants are provided to the state’s 12 regional planning commissions to respond to local needs and priorities for the enhancement of job creation, regional/community planning, and quality of life issues.

ADECA makes a grant award to the Alabama Association of Regional Planning Councils, which distributes funds among the twelve regional planning councils in the State.


Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Grants

Legislative funds are provided each year to four BRAC agencies – BRAC Montgomery, BRAC Fort Rucker, Madison County BRAC, and Anniston Army Depot. These funds are used by agencies to support their operations, including salaries, travel, studies, etc.


Military Stabilization Committee

There is a legislative appropriation each year to support the operations of the Military Stabilization Committee.


General Fund Special Line item Grants

Each year, the Legislature provides a list of line-item grants to diverse groups such as cities, counties, food banks, National Guard armories, and other nonprofits. These grants are either general purpose or specific purpose grants.