Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

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The Community Development Block Grant program is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and the State of Alabama has administered the program since 1982.

The program is available to all non-entitlement communities (those not receiving direct funds from HUD) that meet applicable thresholds.

All projects must meet one of the three national objectives:

  • Benefit at least 51% low and moderate income persons
  • Aid in the prevention or clearance of slum and blight
  • Meet an urgent need

The State is required to write an action plan each year for approval by HUD that shows how the State intends to distribute the funds. Since the beginning, Alabama has distributed the majority of funds through competition among communities.


Types of Program Funds

  • Competitive Fund
  • Community Enhancement Fund
  • Planning Fund
  • Economic Development Fund


Competitive Fund

ADECA annually awards CDBG money for the Large City, Small City and County categories. Applicants are scored based on several competitive factors including community need, cost efficiency, appropriateness and impact. Applications deadlines are announced during the annual workshop in the first quarter of the year.

Competitive categories are:

  • Small City Fund (3,000 or less population)
  • Large City Fund (>3,000 population)
  • County Fund

Grant Ceiling

The Small City Fund has a ceiling of $400,000. The Large City Fund and County Fund both have ceilings of $500,000.

Typical Activities

  • Water and sewer extensions and rehabilitation
  • Housing rehabilitation
  • Neighborhood & downtown revitalization
  • Street and drainage improvements


Community Enhancement Fund

This fund is available to all eligible communities to use for projects that address quality of life issues. Application deadline is announced during the annual workshop in the first quarter of the year.

Grant Ceiling: $400,000

Typical activities

  • Fire protection
  • Senior citizens centers
  • Community centers
  • Boys & girls clubs
  • Recreational facilities, etc.


Planning Fund

CED administers a small Planning Fund that allows communities to develop communitywide comprehensive plans and downtown revitalization plans.


Economic Development Fund (ED)

The ED Infrastructure Fund is available to all eligible communities for projects supporting the creation or retention of jobs. Applicants for ED assistance should have a commitment from the business to create or retain 15 or more jobs. The business should fall within the SIC codes 20-39 or provide a significant economic benefit. Projects must not include intrastate relocation. The program is available on a continuous funding cycle. A 20 percent local match is required, and construction cannot begin prior to grant award or release of environmental conditions.

Grant Ceiling: $400,000 (can be waived)

Typical activities: water, sewer, or road improvements; rail spurs, docks, etc.

  • Economic Development Incubator ($400,000)
  • Economic Development Float Loans ($10 million)



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