CDBG – Disaster Recovery

EF-4 damage to a residence on the afternoon of April 27, 2011 (National Weather Service in Birmingham, AL)


Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery funds are allocated after some federally declared disasters. Grant funds can generally be used in Federally declared disaster areas for CDBG eligible activities including the replacement or repair of infrastructure and housing damaged during, or as a result of, the declared disaster.

These grants are for assisting in the recovery in the most impacted and distressed areas related to the consequences of the tornadoes of April 2011. Previous grants from this program helped after hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma in the Gulf of Mexico in 2005.


2011 Tornadoes

The State of Alabama received nearly $74 million dollar from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in two separate allocations to assist in the recovery efforts of the areas impacted by the tornadoes of April 2011.

The State qualified 36 counties in northern half of the State and awarded projects based on competition.

The State awardees are – Birmingham ($625,000), Blount County ($758,572), Cordova ($5,098,515), Cullman City ($5,989,728.29), Cullman County ($1,294,892), DeKalb County ($1,573,172.29), Franklin County ($1,361,624), Hackleburg ($8,338,437.67), Haleyville ($523,876), Hanceville ($80,000), Marion County ($2,642,775.95), Moulton ($968,480), Phil Campbell ($3,212,201.16), Tuscaloosa ($8,470,000), Tuscaloosa County ($9,238,230), and Winston County ($912,200.07).

In addition, the State budgeted over $18 Million for repair and replacement of homes damaged by the storm in the most impacted and distressed counties.

To date, most funds have been expended, and all except for two projects have been closed.


Management and Implementation

CDBG-DR Administrative Policies and Procedures

CDBG-DR Procurement Policy (2-CFR-200.317-326)

CDBG-DR Single-Family Housing Assistance Policies and Procedures



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