Alabama Drought Management Plan


The purpose of the Alabama Drought Management Plan is to provide information and procedural details associated with Alabama’s drought planning and response activities. The 2018 revision of the Plan is now fully in accordance with the Alabama Drought Planning and Response Act and the subsequent regulations promulgated in support of that Act. The revision process has been underway for almost two years and has involved the periodic review and coordination with a wide range of stakeholders and organizations, including the Alabama Water Resources Commission (AWRC), the Alabama Drought Assessment and Planning Team (ADAPT), and the Alabama Monitoring and Impacts Group (MIG).

The revision includes both changes to several existing sections as well as the addition of several new sections.  Major areas of change include:

  • Changes to ADAPT and MIG processes to be consistent with the statutory guidance;
  • Procedures related to Drought Conservation Plans required for all Public Water Systems (PWSs);
  • Procedures related to drought restriction reporting required for all PWSs;
  • A new section providing information of reservoir drought operations by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), The US Army Corps of Engineers, Alabama Power Company, and PowerSouth Energy Cooperative;
  • Procedures related to the role of the office of Alabama State Climatologist and the input to the US Drought Monitor Map;
  • Procedures related to increased flexibility in the issuance of Alabama Drought Declarations; and
  • A new section discussing water conservation and efficiency.

There is no way to prevent a drought from occurring, however, the effects of a drought can be reduced significantly through public awareness and local planning activities. That is why Alabama encourages proactive local drought planning efforts. This involves a thorough assessment by water using entities or organizations that includes a review of water sources and alternatives, water use and sustainability options. Local planning should include contingency plans, such as defining specific action levels, appropriate water conservation measures, or designating alternative water sources. Specific requirements for Drought Conservation Plans can found in OWR regulation 305-7-13-.07 of the Alabama Administrative Code.

Please contact us with any comments or suggestions on the Alabama Drought Management Plan or if you have specific drought-related impacts to report.

Alabama Drought Management Plan