Alabama Drought Planning Organizational Structure


The Alabama Drought Planning and Response Act became law on April 9, 2014. The Act formally establishes state government’s role in planning, monitoring, and responding to severely dry conditions.

The Alabama Drought Assessment and Planning Team (ADAPT) advises the Governor and OWR about state activities related to droughts with information developed by the Monitoring and Impact Group (MIG) that collects and analyzes stream-flow levels, rainfall, soil moisture and other drought-related data and impacts. The ADAPT is comprised of representatives from various state and federal agencies and gubernatorial appointees.


Alabama Drought Assessment and Planning Team (ADAPT)

The purpose of the ADAPT is to provide guidance and make recommendations on drought-related matters to the Governor and the ADECA Office of Water Resources (OWR), as necessary, and to coordinate intergovernmental drought response, management, and implementation of all drought related activities. It works in coordination with input from its technical subcommittee, the Monitoring and Impact Group (MIG).

ADAPT is composed of the following members:

​Name and Title​Agency
Brian Atkins
OWR Division Chief
ADAPT Chairman
ADECA Office of Water Resources
Brian Hastings​
Alabama Emergency Management Agency
Lance LeFleur
Alabama Dept of Environmental Management
Major General Sheryl E. Gordon
Adjutant General
Alabama Army National Guard
The Honorable Rick Pate
Alabama Dept of Agriculture and Industries
Christopher M. Blankenship
Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources
Rick Oates
State Forester
Alabama Forestry Commission
Dr. Berry H. "Nick" Tew, Jr.
State Geologist
Geological Survey of Alabama
Dr. John R. Christy
State Climatologist
Alabama Office of the State Climatologist
Alan Peeples​
MIG Chairman
ADAPT Monitoring and Impact Group (MIG)
Lisa Harris
Executive Director
Choctawhatchee, Pea, and Yellow Rivers Watershed Management Authority
Dr. William "Bill" Puckett
Executive Director
Alabama Soil and Water Conservation Committee (SWCC)
Ben Malone
State Conservationist
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Alabama
Matthew Durdin
Governor Appointee
Chris Isaacson
Alabama Forestry Association
Governor Appointee
Roy McAuley
Alabama Pulp & Paper Council and Manufacture Alabama
Governor Appointee


Monitoring and Impact Group (MIG)

The MIG, the technical subcommittee of ADAPT, is responsible for monitoring all available climate and hydrological data and forecasts (i.e. rainfall data, stream flows, reservoir storage levels, groundwater levels, soil moisture readings, etc.) and analyzing the information in order to assess both the current level of drought conditions and the impacts from those conditions. The information and assessment is then used in recommending changes to OWR for the Alabama Drought Declaration.

The MIG consists of agency representatives, reservoir operators, public water system managers, water use sector representatives and other stakeholders. The chairman of this group is appointed by the OWR Division Chief.

The current Chairman is Mr. Alan Peeples with the Alabama Power Company.