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Office of Water Resources

ADECA's Office of Water Resources administers programs for river basin management, river assessment, water supply assistance, water conservation, flood mapping, the National Flood Insurance Program and water resources development. Further, OWR serves as the state liaison with federal agencies on major water resources related projects and conducts any special studies on instream flow needs as well as administering environmental education and outreach programs to increase awareness of Alabama’s water resources.

Mission Statement

The Division plans, coordinates, develops and manages Alabama's water resources, both ground and surface water, in a manner that is in the best interest of the state. This includes recommending policies and legislation, conducting technical studies, implementing and participating in programs and projects and actively representing Alabama's intra and interstate water resource interests.


News / Announcements

2010 Water Use in Alabama Report

The complete Estimated Use of Water in Alabama in 2010 is available here.

The Fact Sheet summarizing the above report is available here.


Drought Planning and Management

The Alabama Drought Management Plan is available here.

Click here for the most recent Drought Declaration.

Click here for the most recent Drought Impact Summary​.


The latest draft of the proposed drought regulations in support of the Alabama Drought Planning and Response Act are available here. These regulations have not yet begun the formal promulgation process under the Alabama Administrative Procedures Act and are, therefore, subject to change without notice.

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