RTP Boards and Commissions

Alabama Recreational Trails Advisory Board

The Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century established a vehicle for distributing financial assistance to the states for the purpose of providing and maintaining recreational trails. Section 1112 (c) (2) of the Act requires that each state establish a “recreational trail advisory board on which both motorized and non-motorized recreational trail users are represented…” The following 11 individuals have been appointed to the Alabama Recreational Trails Advisory Board:

Mr. Jerry BynumJackson's GapSpecial Populations
Mr. Patrick A. Denney​BirminghamEquestrian
VACANTPedestrian - Hiking (urban)​
Mr. Evan LawrenceMontgomeryPedestrian - Hiking
Mr. Richard Martin​Elkmont​Bicycling
Mr. Steve NewtonAdamsvilleMotorized
Ms. Debbie Quinn​MontrosePedestrian - Hiking (urban)
Dr. Mark J. RichmanBirmingham​Bicycling
Mr. Bob WhaleyAlabaster​​Equestrian


Alabama Trails Commission

The purpose of the Alabama Trails Commission is to make Alabama a nationally recognized destination for hiking, biking, running, horseback riding, motorized off-highway vehicles and water sports by residents and visitors alike.

It employs a ground-up, statewide coordinated approach fostering vigorous participation by local, regional, state and federal agencies, stakeholders, higher education centers and non-profit organizations.

The ultimate framework would link trails with people; people with their communities; and explorers of all ages with Alabama’s wild places. Wherever possible the Commission looks to local needs, goals and leadership to accomplish its mission.

Commission members as of January 2022:

MemberAppointed by
Ms. Amy Rauworth, former chair​Governor
Mr. Phillip West​Governor
Dr. John KvachLt. Governor
Dr. Graham Sisson, ChairAlabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs
Ms. Sonya BakerAL Dept. of Transportation (ALDOT)
Mr. Grey Brennan​AL Dept. of Tourism
Commissioner Christopher BlankenshipAL Dept. of Conservation and
Natural Resources (DCNR)
Ms. Mary Katherine Pittman​Governor (Governor's Staff Member)
Mr. Robby Cantrell​Governor (Regional Planning Councils)
The Hon. Johnny Smith​Alabama League of Municipalities​
The Hon. Mike JonesSpeaker of the House
The Hon. Marcus CampbellAssociation of County Commissions
Ms. Nisa MirandaBusiness Council of Alabama


Alabama Trails Commission Advisory Board

Board members as of December 2021:

MemberAppointed by
VACANTLt. Governor
VACANTLt. Governor
The Hon. Ed OliverSpeaker of the House
The Hon. Terri CollinsSpeaker of the House
Ms. Debbie QuinnAL Rec. Trails Advisory Board
VACANTAL Rec. Trails Advisory Board
Mr. Steve Newton, Vice-ChairAL Rec. Trails Advisory Board
​Dr. Vini NathanGovernor (University)
Mr. Bobby WhaleyCommissioner of Agriculture and Industries
Dr. Mark WilsonAlabama State Health Officer
Ms. Natalie NormanExecutive Director of the Retirement Systems of Alabama
Mr. Odell SandersUSDA Forest Service
Mr. Freddy PadillaAlabama Power Company​
Ms. Rebecca Hayden​Tennessee Valley Authority
Mr. Jimmy LemmondRebecca Hayden Proxy
Josh BurnettMs. Rebecca Hayden Proxy
Ms. Lora McClendonPower South
Mr. Francis ChiricoAlabama Farmers Federation
Mr. Larry DixonUnited States Army Corps of Engineers​
Mr. Ronnie DavisUSDA Natural Resources Conservation Services​
Mr. Will CollinsDepartment of Conservation and Natural Resources (State Lands)
Ms. Marie BostickGovernor (executive director of an Alabama land trust)
Mr. Tim KingBlue Cross & Blue Shield of Alabama
Mr. Nathan Wright (Representing Alabama Hiking Trials Society)Alabama Trails Commission (Underrepresented User Groups)
Mr. Will O’Connor (Representing AlaBike)Alabama Trails Commission (Underrepresented User Groups)
Mrs. Elizabeth LawlorMaecie Martin Walker Proxy
​VACANTAlabama Trails Commission (Underrepresented Federal Agency)
Mr. Jason CarterAlabama Association of RC & D Councils
Maecie Martin WalkerAlabama Railroad Association
Mr. Jason DockeryAlabama Forestry Commission