Domestic Violence Trust Fund

Domestic Violence Trust Fund is a state funded grant that provides funds to assist certified DV Shelters in Alabama. This program is funded through the Marriage Licenses fees that are collected throughout the State of Alabama.

In order to receive these funds, the agency must be certified through the Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence. The agency must provide the minimum services required under Section 30-6-6 of the Code of Alabama, which includes, but is not limited to, information and referral services, counseling and case management services, temporary emergency shelter for more than 24 hours for adult victims and their accompanying children, a 24-hour hotline, training for law enforcement personnel, assessment and appropriate referral of resident children, outreach services as defined by standards for counties without a physical emergency shelter facility, educational services for community awareness relative to the incidence of domestic violence, the prevention of domestic violence, and the care, treatment, and rehabilitation for persons engaged in or subject to domestic violence.

The Domestic Violence Trust Fund operates on the state fiscal year calendar of October 1st- September 30th. Funds are distributed to the agency each quarter. Application for this grant is due annually.