State Energy Security Plan​


When a disaster happens, whether natural or man-made, the state activates its Emergency Operations Plan, and members of all state agencies report to the Emergency Operations Center in Clanton. Within the state’s emergency plan is a section that deals with the fuel supply in the state. ADECA’s Energy Division is the lead agency for that section (Emergency Support Function – 12, or “ESF-12”)

As lead agency for that function, the division assists with the coordination and allocation of fuels to first responders and, if necessary, the institution of fuel rationing procedures in the event of a fuel shortage. Compliance with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) is required for all agencies involved in emergency coordination with the Alabama Emergency Management Agency.

The primary goal is to serve as the state point-of-contact for energy assurance. This requires coordination with various state agencies and energy industries. The State Energy Security Plan and procedures are used in responding to state emergencies that include energy components.

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