Performance Contracting

This marketing program provides the latest information available to procure and finance large capital energy improvement projects for the state’s public facilities, focusing on public agencies such as K-12 schools, universities, community colleges, state agencies and local governments.

ADECA’s Energy Division, in joint membership with the Energy Services Coalition, serves as an advocate for introducing energy performance contracting agreements (guaranteed energy and cost-savings contracts) as a means to reduce energy consumption and cost for all governmental units in the state. All project costs, including financing, are covered by the energy and cost savings achieved by the installation of the energy efficient improvements such as lighting, HVAC equipment, controls and more.

Click here to see a list of the U.S. Energy Department’s Qualified List of Energy Service Companies. The DOE Qualified ESCO list is for reference only. Exclusion from this list does not exclude an ESCO from performing ESPC projects in Alabama.

Below are PDF documents with detailed information about many aspects of the Performance Contracting Program.

AEPC Manual

APPENDIX A – Alabama Guaranteed Energy Cost Savings Act

APPENDIX B – Building Commission Law


APPENDIX D – Facility Profile

APPENDIX E – Sample Energy Audit Agreement

APPENDIX F – Evaluation Forms

APPENDIX G – Sample Energy Service Agreement

APPENDIX H – Alternative Dispute Resolution

APPENDIX I – Checklist and Certification