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Application and Reporting Forms and Supplemental Information

Please note that the copy of the Administrative Rules are unofficial and provided as a courtesy. Official copies of the Administrative Rules for ADECA's Office of Water Resources and the Alabama Water Resources Commission can be found here:

The documents linked in this section are in PDF form:


Supplemental Forms:


Annual Reporting Forms:

The following file can be used to prepare the 2020 annual water use reports by manually entering your Certificate of Use number and withdrawal (or discharge or bulk sale) name for each registered entity and requested data. A signature is required so please ensure each form is signed and dated. Completed forms can be sent in either electronically or in paper form. Please see the ReadMe section of the file or contact the Alabama Office of Water Resources at (334) 242-549; fax at (334) 242-0776; or via email at if there are any questions.

Annual Water Use Reporting Form


Links to Other Wate​r Resources Agencies

For information on current and historical streamflows in Alabama, contact the USGS Alabama Water Science Center.

For current and historical information about the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects affecting Alabama, contact the Mobile District.

For information on lakes owned and operated by Alabama Power Company, visit:

For information on projects in Alabama managed by the Tennessee Valley Authority, contact TVA.

Other State Agencies:

Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Alabama Department of Environmental Management

Geological Survey of Alabama

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