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Holt, an unincorporated area of Tuscaloosa County, joined in long-term community recovery efforts supported by the State of Alabama, ADECA, and FEMA through a resolution adopted on May 26, 2011, by the Tuscaloosa County Commission.

During 2011, a FEMA Long-Term Community Recovery team engaged with the Holt community in a holistic, community-based planning process.

On July 12, 2011, the first community-wide meeting was held to identify issues, needs, and opportunities through a community mapping exercise. An informational community open house was held on August 29, 2011, to gather community input about proposed projects to address the needs and build on the opportunities. Holt’s Long-Term Community Recovery (LTCR) Committee held its organizational meeting on July 18, 2011, and has continued to meet at least once a month since then. The committee named itself Holt Opportunities Leadership Team in Action, or HOLT in Action for short. Since the planning process ended, HOLT in Action working group members coordinated two well-attended community events in December 2011 and February 2012 and participated in the Holt Community Festival in April 2012.

In May 2012, the HOLT in Action committee voted to form a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation for greater sustainability and to maximize opportunities. HOLT in Action elected its first nonprofit board in July 2012 and continues to build a broad network of recovery partners and other supporters. The HOLT in Action nonprofit continues to work with the Tuscaloosa County Commission and other recovery partners to further develop and implement recovery projects. HOLT in Action holds monthly board meetings, community meetings with presentations, and committee/working group meetings. Visit the HOLT in Action website (www.holtinaction.org) for up-to-date information.

Prior to the April tornadoes, economic revitalization was the biggest need in Holt, but since then housing has become the most urgent need. The community hopes its coordinated recovery efforts will attract new jobs, families and visitors to the Holt area.


Recovery Plan

Click the image below to download a PDF version of the Holt recovery plan.

Local Leaders

HOLT in Action Board of Directors
PO Box 40718, Tuscaloosa, AL 35404
Bill Yeager, President
Ben Horton, Vice President
Bessie Harper, Assistant Secretary
Rick Mitchell, Treasurer
Jackie Maye, Secretary
Sharon Hester
Linda Kirkwood
Becky Reamey
Judy Skelton
Thomas Wilder


Probate Judge: Hardy McCollum 205-349-3870

County Commissioners:
Bobby Miller
Reginald Miller
Don Wallace
Jerry Tingle

State Representatives:
Christopher England 334-242-7703
John Merrill 334-242-7554
Bill Poole 334-242-7691 

State Senators:
Gerald Allen 334-242-7889 / 205-556-5310
Greg Reed 334-242-7894
Bobby Singleton 334-242-7935

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