Alabama Yellow Dot Form and Instructions

​Enrollment in the Alabama Yellow Dot program is quick and easy! Just follow these 5 steps:


Step 1: The medical information sheet - Click here (PDF).

Two options for filling out the sheet:

  1. Print the forms, then write your information on the form
  2. Download the forms to your computer, fill in each space, then print the form

Step 2: Attach a photo to the sheet.

Step 3: Contact or visit your local enrollment station to pick up your Yellow Dot Decal and Folder (or download this image to take to a printer) - Click here for enrollment stations.

Step 4: Place the Yellow Dot Decal on the bottom left corner of the rear windshield of the vehicle - Click for example.

Step 5: Insert the medical information sheet in the Yellow Dot Folder and place inside your vehicle's glove compartment.


Note: Some people have expressed concerns about potential identity theft using Yellow Dot information. We share those concerns, which is why we specifically do not ask for drivers license numbers, Social Security Numbers or birth dates on Yellow Dot information packets.

Enrollment in the program is completely voluntary, and most of the information included in the medical information sheet can already be found in your vehicle's glove compartment on your vehicle registration and insurance card. If there is any information asked for that you do not feel comfortable listing, you can leave that space blank or you can place a comment such as "this information is found under my driver's license in my wallet" in the space provided under that particular heading.

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