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State Energy Program

Funding for the State Energy Program comes from a U.S. Department of Energy grant. It is managed by a unit in ADECA's Energy Division known as the "Energy Efficiency and Renewables" unit.

The funding is utilized to plan and implement energy programs in Alabama that are designed to achieve national energy goals such as lowering energy costs and consumption, decreasing reliance on imported energy, reducing impacts of energy production and use on the environment and to increase energy security and reliability.

Programs are conducted in the areas of building energy codes, industrial energy efficiency, energy education, renewable fuels, performance contracting and alternative transportation fuels.


Click the names below for information on the following State Energy Program areas:​
SEP Administration and Monitoring Forms and Documents
Alabama Energy Assurance Plan​
Alternative Fuels and Renewable Energy
Building Energy Efficiency​
Building Operator Certification
Industrial Energy Efficiency Program
Energy Financing Programs
Public Outreach and Consumer Resources


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