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Broadband Alabama

On April 26, 2017, Governor Kay Ivey issued Executive Order 704. This order rescinded Executive Orders 9 and 42 and established the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs as the agency to assume all powers, duties, responsibilities, authority, and obligations belonging to the Office of Broadband Development.

Read Executive Order 704

Alabama Broadband Accessibility Fund

​On March 28, 2018, Governor Kay Ivey signed the Alabama Broadband Accessibility Act. Because the availability of high-speed broadband services in unserved rural Alabama is important for economic development, education, health care, and emergency services, the Alabama Broadband Accessibility Act established the Alabama Broadband Accessibility Fund. On May 30, 2019, Governor Ivey signed Act #2019-327 which provided numerous amendments to the original Act.

Read the Alabama Broadband Accessibility Act

News / Announcements

The 2020 Round One Alabama Broadband Accessibility Fund application deadline expired at 11:59 P.M. on December 30, 2019. The applications are available for review on the ADECA website at Existing providers will have until 11:59 P.M. February 12, 2020 to submit challenges to the eligibility of submitted projects. All challenges must be in writing and submitted by email to​


A new Alabama Broadband Accessibility Fund Map has been released and is available below. This new map should be used when developing the applications due by December 30, 2019. If you have any questions, please email our Broadband Team at


In an effort to increase the availability of broadband access, Governor Ivey signed Act #2019-327 on May 30, 2019. This Act amended the Alabama Broadband Accessibility Act. ADECA is in the process of incorporating the amendments into the Alabama Broadband Accessibility Fund Program Guide and grant applications. Once that process is complete and ADECA announces the next grant application window, previous applicants who did not receive funding, but who may now be eligible for funding due to Act #2019-327, may reapply at that time. New applicants may apply for funding at that time as well.​

Plans / Reports

2018-2019 Program Year Report for the Alabama Broadband Accessibility Fund

Broadband Alabama Strategic Plan

USDA ReConnect Request for Governor’s Letter

To request a Governor’s letter for a USDA ReConnect project in Alabama, click here.

Broadband Alabama Mailing List

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Grant Application

Alabama Broadband Accessibility Fund 2020 Grant Application and Guide

Alabama Broadband Accessibility Fund Rating Criteria

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information Presentation for 2020

Submitted Grant Applications

Click here for the 2020 Round 1 Grant Applications.​

Click here for the 2019 Program Year Grant Applications.

Click here for the 2018 Program Year Grant Applications.

Governor's Award Letters

Governor's Award letter_Broadband_01.pdfGovernor's Award letter_Broadband_01
Governor's Award letter_Broadband_02.pdfGovernor's Award letter_Broadband_02
Governor's Award letter_Broadband_03.pdfGovernor's Award letter_Broadband_03
Governor's Award letter_Broadband_04.pdfGovernor's Award letter_Broadband_04
Governor's Award letter_Broadband_05.pdfGovernor's Award letter_Broadband_05
Governor's Award letter_Broadband_06.pdfGovernor's Award letter_Broadband_06
Governor's Award letter_Broadband_07.pdfGovernor's Award letter_Broadband_07
Governor's Award letter_Broadband_08.pdfGovernor's Award letter_Broadband_08
Governor's Award letter_Broadband_09.pdfGovernor's Award letter_Broadband_09
Governor's Award letter_Broadband_10.pdfGovernor's Award letter_Broadband_10
Governor's Award letter_Broadband_11.pdfGovernor's Award letter_Broadband_11
Governor's Award letter_Broadband_12.pdfGovernor's Award letter_Broadband_12
Governor's Award letter_Broadband_13.pdfGovernor's Award letter_Broadband_13
Governor's Award letter_Broadband_2020 - 01.pdfGovernor's Award letter_Broadband_2020 - 01
Governor's Award letter_Broadband_2020 - 02.pdfGovernor's Award letter_Broadband_2020 - 02

ADECA Broadband Maps

Broadband Coverage Map. (If using Internet Explorer, please ensure that you are using version 11.)

Alabama Broadband Eligibility map of Unserved Areas

Program Guide and Implementation

Draft Alabama Broadband Accessibility Fund Program Guide

Sample Letter of Conditional Commitment

Sample Grant Agreement

Alabama Vendor Disclosure Statement


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