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CARES Act / COVID-19 Grant Program Resources

Public Hearing

2020 Memo for COVID19 Public Hearing

2020 Notice of Public Hearing - CV programs - [Spanish]

2020-2024 First Substantial Amendment to Five Year Plan (for public hearing) - [Spanish]

2020-2024 First Substantial Amendment to Five Year Plan - CARES Act Funds - [Spanish]

CDBG-CV Program Resources

PY2020 CDBG-CV Action Plan - [Spanish]

ADECA Director's Memo on CARES Act / CDBG-CV Grant Application Workshop

CDBG-CV Grant Application Form

Sample Documents

ESG-CV Program Resources

ESG CARES Act Notice

PY2020 ESG-CV Action Plan - [Spanish]

ESG-CV Application Slides - Round 1

ESG-CV Application Form - Round 1

ESG-CV Application Slides – Round 2

ESG-CV Application Form – Round 2

ESG-CV Budgets and Instructions

Audit Certification​

Continuums of Care Contacts

Continuums of Care Map

Alabama Department of Public Health – Coronavirus

HUD Exchange – Disease Risks and Homelessness

COVID-19 Resource Digest For Homeless Providers


HMIS Privacy and Security Standards and COVID-19 Response

Homeless System Response:

HMIS Allowable Expenses for ESG

Changes to Coordinated Entry Prioritization to Support and Respond to COVID-19

Data & Equity: Using the Data You Have

Rapid Expansion of HMIS: Things to Consider

Federal Funding Priority Order for Non-Congregate Shelter During COVID-19

A Framework for Homelessness Prevention

Five Things to Consider When Investing ESG in Homelessness Prevention

Prevention to Promote Equity

Federal Communications Commission

Public and Indian Housing COVID-19 Resources

Working with Tribal Nations

HOPWA-CV Program Resources

PY2020 HOPWA-CV Action Plan - [Spanish]

COVID-19 Resources


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