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Below are common and often searched terms with CDBG. Please note that only the most logical link is provided. Again, feel free to use the search box for more options.

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Action Plan (2014 CDBG)*

Action Plan (2013 Disaster)*

Allowable Administrative Costs*

Analysis of Impediments*

Application Manual

Beason-Hammon Act

Bidding and Contracting

Budget Form


CDBG Program Supervisor Territories*

Certification Form*

Change Orders

Citizen Participation

Close-out Documents

Compliance Checklist (Forms)

Compliance Checklist (Implementation)*

Consolidated Plan

Consultant List*

Davis Bacon Wage Rates*

Designation of Responsible Officers*

Disclosure Report*

Drawdown Form

Drawdown Policies*

Employee Hours/Equipment Usage Report*

Engineering Fees Scale*

Environmental Assessment

Equipment Rate Request


Excluded Parties List

Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity


Housing Rehabilitation

HUD 11 Form*

HUD 2516 Form*

HUD 60002 Form*


Implementation Schedule*

Labor Rates

Labor Standards

Letter of Conditional Commitment

Minority Business Enterprises

Monitoring - Compliance

Notice to Proceed*

Notice of Start of Construction*

Other Deductions Authorization*

Payroll Signature Authorization*

Policy Letters

Preconstruction Conference*


Professional Services*

Request for Release of Funds*

Section 3

Standard Payroll Form*

State Bid Law

Wage Decision*

Woman Owned Business Enterprises


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