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FAQs - More Information on CDBG Programs

What is CDBG?

Who can apply?

What are the Non-Entitlement Communities?​

What are the three National Objectives to be met?

What are the three Performance Goals?

Community Must show ability to achieve or improve one of the three outcomes:

What types of grants are available?

How much are the awards?

Who decides funding amount each year and when?

How often and when are the awards made?

How do I apply?

Where do I find information on Grant Management?

What happens to any leftover funds – is that money available?

Is a community eligible if it repaid funds to CDBG for a project that did not materialize?

Our Town/City has concerns with the way our grant is being managed. What do we do?

Our Town/City just closed out a project earlier this year. Are we eligible for current funding?

Our Town/City has a Disaster or NSP project open. Are we eligible for current CDBG funding?

My Grant Management firm is not included with CDBG. How can I get it listed?

Where do I find allowable Administrative Costs for a grant?

Where do I find approved fees for Professional Engineering Services for a grant?

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