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All projects and related activities funded through CDBG, ESG and HOPWA and construction projects and related activities funded through ARC are subject to the provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, as amended (NEPA). The primary purpose of the laws and authorities governing the environmental process is to establish national policy, goals and procedures to protect, restore and enhance environmental quality. Programs funded or assisted by the state with federal money (examples:  HUD, ARC, etc.) must consider impacts on the environment and be consistent with Federal programs and policies.

An Environmental Review Record (ERR) is required to be established for each project. An ERR is a concise public record containing original documentation related to the environmental review, decision-making, and activities undertaken in a project. The ERR must be available to the public upon request at the Responsible Entity’s location; county courthouse or city offices. It is a legal document and the best and often only defense to prove compliance with applicable laws and regulations.



For assistance in conducting an Environmental Review, download the Environmental Review Guide below. It contains information and links to information that can assist in conducting and preparing an ERR and the required documentation. The process is also explained in the flow chart that is provided below.

The information provided here is not intended to be all inclusive and only serves as a possible form of documentation. Located in the top right corner of each page is a link to ADECA’s Environmental Officer. If you have any questions regarding the guide or find any missing or broken links just click on the link and an email will automatically open (for Microsoft Outlook users). You may also contact the Environmental Officer, Chris Perkins, at (334) 353-1028.


Environmental Review Guide 

Revision Date:  09/18/20 – Updated process.

Environmental Review Process Flow Chart


Programmatic Documentation Forms


ENV-FPN - Floodplain-Wetland Notices

ENV-FOE - Finding of Exemption

ENV-CENST - Categorically Excluded Not Subject to

ENV-CEST - Categorically Excluded Subject to

ENV-HUDEA - Environmental Assessment

ENV-ORC - Other Requirements Checklist

ENV-NOI - Notice of Intent

ENV-CN - Combined Notice

ENV-AOP - Affidavit of Posting

ENV-RROF - Request for Release of Funds

ENV-LRD - Level of Review Determination


ARC FPN - Floodplain-Wetland Notices

ARC NOI - Notice of Intent

ARC CN - Combined Notice

ARC RROF - Request for Release of Funds


ESG LRF - Level of Review Form

ESG LRFA - Level of Review Form Attachment

ESG LRC - Level of Review Chart



Determination and Documentation Guidance


Public Notice Distribution Lists

Memo to File – Example

Environmental Assessment Factors

RED Letter – Template

Notice Date Guideline

Flood Insurance

See Section II of the Environmental Review Guide.

Coastal Barrier Resources

CBRS Unit Proximity Map

Airport Hazards

Airport Proximity Map – Example

Airport CZ Waiver Form

GoogleEarth Airport KMZ

Historic Preservation


AHC Review Consultation Form

NAE Concurrence Letter – Template

Tribal Historic Preservation

Section 106 Checklist

Tribes Consultation Letter – Template

Responding to CRA Requests

Floodplain Management

Creating a Floodplain Proximity Map

Floodplain Proximity Map – Example

8-Step Process – Example

5-Step Process

Wetlands Protection

Creating a Wetland Proximity Map

Wetland Proximity Map – Example

Coastal Zone Management

CZM Proximity Map

GoogleEarth CZM KMZ

Sole Source Aquifers

SSA Proximity Map

Endangered Species

FWS Consultation Letter – Template

Wild and Scenic Rivers

Wild & Scenic River Proximity Map

Study River Proximity Map

NRI Proximity Map

GoogleEarth NRI KMZ

Air Quality

Air Quality Documentation – Example

Farmlands Protection

Form AD-1006

Noise Abatement and Control

HUD Noise Assessment Guidance

Explosive and Flammable Facilities

ASD Guidebook

ASD Assessment Tool

Barrier Design Guide

HUD Explosive & Hazardous Facilities Guidance

Site Contamination

Creating Site Contamination Proximity Maps

Site Contamination Checklist

Site Contamination Proximity Map – Example

Environmental Justice

See Section III of the Environmental Review Guide.


ENV-EDRC - Environmental Desk Review Checklist

ENV-EORC - Environmental On-Site Review Checklist


Introduction to Environmental Reviews


Flood Insurance and Coastal Barrier Resource Units


Airport Hazards


Historic and Tribal Preservation


Floodplain Management


Wetlands Protection


Coastal Zone Management


Sole Source Aquifers and Endangered Species


Site Contamination


Air Quality and Farmland Protection


Noise Abatement and Control and Explosive and Flammable Facilities

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