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SVAA Training Needs Assessment: Respond to this Survey

The goal of a State Victim Assistance Academy is to offer standardized education for Victim Service Providers in Alabama.  SVAA attendees will receive training to assist them in providing services to victims of crime.
The SVAA Committee is currently developing an SVAA model based on the National Victim Assistance Academy, but one that is unique to Alabama and that will meet the needs of our state.  To make the academy a success, we would like you to complete this survey to provide the SVAA Committee with information about training needs, and to assist in developing Academy curriculum.
1. Please indicate what kinds of training you might expect to see in a foundational SVAA training course.
2. What is the biggest challenge you face when signing up for training?
3. What type of agency do you work for?

4. What is the most useful training you have ever attended and why?

5. What is the least useful training you have ever attended and why?

6. In your opinion, what is the biggest training deficit in your organization?

7. How long have you been doing Victim Services work?

8. Are there any particular concerns you would like the SVAA Committee to know about regarding training?

9. Regarding the SVAA, what suggestions and ideas do you have to share with the SVAA Committee?

10. Are you interested in attending this type of Victim Assistance Academy?

11. What type of structure would you prefer for the Academy?
12. How far would you be willing to travel to attend the Academy?
13. How much could you pay to register to attend the academy?
Would you have a financial need for a scholarship, if available?