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Workforce Boards

On Oct. 1, 2015, Workforce Development became a division of the Alabama Department of Commerce. For current information on Workforce Development, visit their site at​.

State and Local Workforce Boards:
Alabama Workforce Investment Board
Alabama Workforce Investment Area: Local Board​


Alabama Workforce Investment Board

The Alabama Workforce Investment Board (AWIB) provides advice and policy guidance to the governor on building a strong workforce development system that aligns with economic development and skills training goals in the state. The board is responsible for the overall Workforce Investment Act (WIA) program which includes the Alabama Career Center System, Adult Education and Rehabilitation Services. The board members are appointed by the Governor and represent a cross-section of industry and business leaders, labor officials, education leaders, economic development specialist and local elected officials.

The AWIB is responsible for developing policies and strategies to form a coordinated workforce development system for a variety of education, employment and training programs. The board assists the governor and key workforce partners and stakeholders on two key outcomes- a properly prepared workforce to meet the current and future demands of Alabama employers and providing opportunities for Alabama’s workforce to succeed in the 21st century.


Current AWIB board members

Current AWIB board bylaws



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Meeting minutes

2014_12_03 - Meeting Minutes.pdf2014_12_03 - Meeting Minutes
2014_06_25 - Meeting Minutes.pdf2014_06_25 - Meeting Minutes
2013_06_25 - Meeting Minutes.pdf2013_06_25 - Meeting Minutes
2013_04_03 - Meeting Minutes.PDF2013_04_03 - Meeting Minutes
2012_11_07 - Meeting Minutes.PDF2012_11_07 - Meeting Minutes
2012_08_22 - Meeting Minutes.PDF2012_08_22 - Meeting Minutes
2012_05_02 - Meeting Minutes.PDF2012_05_02 - Meeting Minutes



Alabama Workforce Investment Area: Local Board


Current local board members

Current local board bylaws

Memorandum of Understanding: Career Center Partners

Designation of One-Stop Operator

AWIA Local Area Plan - Program Year 2014



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Meeting Minutes

2015_02_11 - Meeting Minutes.pdf2015_02_11 - Meeting Minutes
2014_10_24 - Youth Council Meeting Minutes.pdf2014_10_24 - Youth Council Meeting Minutes
2014_05_21 - Meeting Minutes.pdf2014_05_21 - Meeting Minutes
2014_04_23 - Youth Council Meeting Minutes.pdf2014_04_23 - Youth Council Meeting Minutes
2013_08_21 - Youth Council Meeting Minutes.pdf2013_08_21 - Youth Council Meeting Minutes
2013_06_13 - Meeting Minutes.PDF2013_06_13 - Meeting Minutes
2013_05_29 - Youth Council Meeting Minutes.PDF2013_05_29 - Youth Council Meeting Minutes
2012_09_19 - Meeting Minutes.PDF2012_09_19 - Meeting Minutes
2012_08_28 - Youth Council Meeting Minutes.PDF2012_08_28 - Youth Council Meeting Minutes
2012_05_24 - Meeting Minutes.PDF2012_05_24 - Meeting Minutes
2012_05_16 - Youth Council Meeting Minutes.PDF2012_05_16 - Youth Council Meeting Minutes
2012_04_17 - Meeting Minutes.pdf2012_04_17 - Meeting Minutes


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