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Milestone Date/Deadline​ Details​
Settlement Effective Date (SED)​ October 25, 2016​ Consent Decree entered into court​
Trustee Candidates Submitted​ November 24, 2016​ within 30 days of SED
Selection of Trustee​ March 15, 2017​ Wilmington Trust, NA​
National Zero Emissions Vehicle Investment Plan
(Appendix C)​
April 12, 2017​ Plan approved by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency​
Trust Effective Date (TED)
(Paragraph 3.0)​
October 02, 2017 United State files the fully executed final version of the State Trust Agreement​
Trustee Establishes Trust Account
(Paragraph 2.0.4)​
October 17, 2017​ Wilmington Trust NA established the trust account​
​Beneficiaries File Certification Forms
(Paragraph 4.0)
December​ 01, 2017 ADECA filed for beneficiary status on November 29, 2017
​Beneficiary Designation
(Paragraph 4.0)
January 29, 2018​ ADECA was designated as the beneficiary for Alabama
Notice of Availability of Mitigation Action Funds
(Paragraph 4.2.8)​
February 28, 2018
No later than 30 days of designation
​Public Information and Listening Sessions ​March 20, 2018 -
April 3, 2018
Held at regional locations across the state
​Public Input Requested Comment period ends
May 9, 2018​
Survey available on Public Input and Outreach page. Comments may be emailed to
​Draft Beneficiary Mitigation Plan (BMP) ​December 27, 2018 ​Available on the Alabama Mitigation Plan webpage
​BMP Public Hearing January 15, 2019
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM at 401 Adams Avenue, Montgomery, AL
​Public Comment Period ​January 15, 2019 -
February 14, 2019
​Comments may be emailed to
​Final BMP Approved by Governor Ivey TBD​
BMP submitted
(Paragraph 4.1)​
TBD​ At least 30 days prior to first funding request
​Request for Applications TBD​
​Grant Awards Announced TBD​
​Eligible Mitigation Action Certification
(Paragraph 4.1, Appendix D-4)
Anytime, but at least 30 days after BMP submission​ Funding requests for Eligible Mitigation Actions
​Beneficiary Reporting
(Paragraph 5.3)
​6 months after first disbursement
Six months after first disbursement, and thereafter, no later than January 30 and July 30 for the preceding six-month periods, each Beneficiary shall submit a semiannual report
​Estimate of Remaining Balance
(Paragraph 5.4.1)
October 2, 2027​ 10th anniversary of the TED; Trustee estimates remaining balance
Application for Supplemental Funding
(Paragraph 5.4.2)​
October 2, 2027​ 10th anniversary of the TED; Beneficiary can apply for supplemental findings, stating at least 80% obligated
​Publication of Remaining Balance and Who is Eligible
(Paragraph 5.4.3)
December 31, 2027​ Within 90 days of the 10th anniversary of the TED; Files remaining balance and which states are eligible
Distribution of Remainder Balance
(Paragraph 5.4.4)​
​March 30, 2028 Within 180 days of the 10th anniversary of the TED; Remainder balance be divided among eligible beneficiaries
Final Disposition
(Paragraph 5.4.5)​
​October 2, 2032 15th anniversary of the trust effective date; Any unused funds will be returned and sent to Federal agencies


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